SDCC 2020 Exclusives From Mondo Include Ghostbusters, Bill and Ted, and Toothless


Action figures, statues, exclusives, and other merchandise. Beware: if you look here, you’re probably going to spend some money afterwards.

Anyone out there completely overwhelmed with the sheer mountain of Comic-Con 2020 exclusives available online? If so, our apologies, we’re about to make it much, much, worse.

Along with all the great toys, Mondo is releasing a ton of exclusive posters and we’re excited to debut just three of them. We’ve got by We Buy Your Kids, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure by Matt Ryan Tobin, and two versions of How to Train Your Dragon by Ken Taylor. That’s in addition to the art devoted to Star Wars, Dark Knight, Spider-Verse, and more that have already been revealed.

For now though, here are the new posters exclusive to io9. First up is Ghostbusters by We Buy Your Kids. It’s an 18 x 24-inch screenprint in an edition of 150 and costs $50.

Second is Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure by Matt Ryan Tobin. It’s a 24 x 36-inch screenprint in an edition of 225 and costing $50 as well.

Finally, we’ve got How to Train Your Dragonby Ken Taylor. There are two versions, a regular edition of 225 and a variant edition of 125. Both are 36 x 24-inch screenprints costing $50 and $70 respectively.

All three of those properties are excellent and each artist puts their unique, unmistakable spin on it. We Buy Your Kids always comes with the abstract awesome, Tobin takes an epic scene and makes you feel it, and Taylor, of course, does hero poses like no one else. All three posters will be on sale Saturday, July 25 at starting at noon EST.

But that’s not all. While those are new debuts, Mondo has already revealed a bunch of other posters that will be on sale at the above link throughout the rest of the weekend. Here’s a quick gallery. Head to for more info.

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Again, for more details, head to Mondo’s Comic-Con page. Are you going to go after any of these?

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