President Trump praises author Gina Loudon, whose book falsely claims she has a PhD in psychology – NY Daily News


“America’s favorite psychological expert” doesn’t seem to have a psychology degree.

Gina Loudon, a Republican commentator who worked as a surrogate for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, in her new book, “Mad Politics: Keeping Your Sanity in a World Gone Crazy,” claims to use science and psychological theory to explain why Trump is the “most sound-minded” president in history. But Loudon – who also goes by Dr. Gina – doesn’t have the credentials to bolster the claim, according to The Daily Beast.

While her website does say she has a PhD, it does not say what field. Loubon reportedly obtained her degree in “human organizations systems” from Fielding Graduate University, an online institution with a headquarters based in Santa Barbara, California. On her LinkedIn page, the author lists a PhD in “human development.”

The program however did not earn Loudon – now a member of Trump’s 2020 campaign media advisory board – a psychology degree nor a license to practice, The Daily Beast reported.

But that didn’t stop the President from singing her praises Friday morning.

“Gina is great!” Trump wrote alongside a tweet advertising Loudon’s book.

Once a recurring presence on Fox News, Loudon appeared on Sean Hannity’s show earlier this month to tout “Mad Policitics,” telling the conservative host the recent New York Times op-ed, allegedly written by a senior White House official, is a prime example of “Trump derangement syndrome.”

“But my book actually uses science and real data and true psychological theory to explain why it is quite possible that this president is the most sound-minded person to every occupy the White House,” she said.

Hannity also wrote the forward for Loudon’s book, which is wrapped in a jacked that refers to the author as “America’s favorite psychological expert.”

The publishing company, Regnery, took responsibility for the statements on the cover sleeve and plans to update it for future printings, said Alyssa Cordova, senior director of publicity at Regnery Publishing.

“The jacket copy was written by Regnery, not Gina,” she said in an email to the news outlet. “As Human and Organizational Systems is field of psychology, we simplified that simply as ‘psychology.’ We will be updating with the specific degree description on future printings and online marketing copy to avoid further confusion.”