Possible Human Remains Buried at ‘Tiger King’ Zoo Alligator Pit


Something’s rotten at the original “Tiger King” zoo, now owned by Jeff Lowe — 2 cadaver dogs have zeroed in on what their trainer believes are human remains … TMZ has learned.

We’re told the dogs were brought in as part of an episode of Zak Bagans‘ “Ghost Adventures.” Our sources say the dogs picked up the scent Thursday … in the alligator pit.

The local sheriff’s deputies are on the scene right now, and we’re told they’re currently discussing a method to determine if remains are there … and, if so, how to dig them up safely.

The zoo, in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, was originally Joe Exotic‘s baby … before he partnered with Jeff, and then got convicted in federal court for solicitation of murder and various animal abuse charges.

Sources connected with Joe tell TMZ … Joe has said there are ashes of 4 people buried on the property as a memorial — people who chose to make the zoo their final resting place. The sources did not identify who was buried there.

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