Port Authority Bus Terminal closed due to snowstorm overcrowding


The Port Authority Bus Terminal is so crowded with commuters waiting for buses amid a massive winter storm that the agency is blocking any more people from entering, officials said.

Officials closed the doors to the facility at about 5:15 p.m. because so many passengers are waiting for buses that aren’t heading in or out.

“We’re recommending passengers take trains back to NJ due to weather causing bus delays,” said a PA spokesman.

The agency even tweeted that riders should find other ways to get home.

The station was so chaotic that some commuters were just looking for booze to ease their pain.

“I’m infuriated and my bus line is awful as it is and I’ve never seen it like this,” said Kristen Norton, 23, of Bloomfield, NJ. “We are going to try and get a drink – seems like a sensible thing to do.”

Two buses collided on the outbound helix at one point, said workers.

Rider Kelly Farrell tweeted a photo of the mobbed bus station.

“Soo I wouldn’t recommend @PABusTerminal tonight,” she wrote.

Commuter Neta Yoffe posted a video of the chaos.

“The chaos that is right now at #portauthority is beyond words,” she tweeted. “Two inches of snow gets you waiting for over two hours to get on a bus through #lincolntunnel.”

Some griped that the snow isn’t bad enough to warrant such a mess.

“I have commuted to the city in worse weather. So, someone please explain to me how and why I am stranded at Port Authority until ‘further notice,’ ” tweeted Steph Velasquez.

The entrances are still closed as of 7 p.m.

“The main issue is that only limited numbers of buses have been able to get into the PABT, leading to the overcrowding,” said the agency spokesman.