Pete Rose Reveals Best Player Missing From Hall Of Fame, It Ain’t Me!


Pete Rose I’m Not Best Player Missing From HOF … Here’s Who Is

Pete Rose is NOT the best player missing from baseball’s Hall of Fame … so says The Hit King himself, who tells TMZ Sports a Chicago White Sox legend is!!

“Joe Jackson,” Rose says.

Pete made the revelation to us out in NYC on Tuesday morning — surprisingly not saying his own name. So, we had to ask … why?

“Well,” Rose responded … “Do you know who he is?!”

For those unfamiliar, Shoeless was a stud outfielder back in the early 1900s … batting a career .356 while helping the Sox win the 1917 World Series.

Of course, Jackson famously was involved in the Black Sox Scandal — where Chicago players allegedly accepted money to throw the 1919 World Series — and he’s been banned from the Hall ever since.

Rose clearly thinks that’s a mistake … saying Jackson is the most talented player not in the HOF … which is shocking, considering Pete’s a 17-time All-Star with 4,256 career hits!!!