People Who Refuse COVID-19 Vaccine Could Be Barred from Work and Schools


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If and when a coronavirus vaccine is rolled out, there will be people who refuse to take it for various reasons, but a Stanford Law School professor says such refusal will have consequences.

Hank Greely will appear on “TMZ Live” Thursday … he’s an expert in public health law and says people who refuse to take the vaccine could — repeat COULD — be denied the right to enter their workplace or their school.

Fact is … there will probably be 3 groups of people who will refuse the vaccine — the anti-vaxxers, the people who want to turn the vaccine into a political issue, and people who are afraid to take the vaccine because they worry it was rushed and not properly tested.

If the FDA, NIH and others show the phase 3 studies were thorough and established both safety and efficacy, Professor Greely says it will be hard for people to make the case they can refuse the vaccine and not be barred from work or school.

It’s dicier, the good professor says, if phase 3 studies are less than thorough.

Professor Greely, whose focus includes legal and social issues related to advances in biosciences … couched everything with the preface good lawyers always use … “It Depends.”