People Are Mocking Trump For Saying Some Committed Voter Fraud By Changing Clothes


President Donald J. Trump has been next level since Election Day last week. In fact, he’s been on a roll. We’ve had chaotic pressers, falsely accused journalists, snippy tweets about the deadly California fires, and him skipping military services because it’s raining. His latest boondoggle is a Taco Bell Seven-Layer Burrito of inspired nonsense, even for him and even for the last seven days.

Where to begin? For one, our president and former reality TV host claimed, in a wide-ranging interview (read: they couldn’t get him to focus) with The Daily Caller, that you need to have a voter ID to buy cereal. “If you buy a box of cereal – you have a voter ID,” were the commander-in-chief’s exact words. He was complaining about the voter fraud he has been baselessly alleging in the three races in Florida and Georgia that are still, over a week later, too close to call. The president and his dittoheads have tried to stop recounts by claiming malfeasance, of which they’ve offered no proof.

Trump also doubled (tripled? quadrupled?) down on his claims that the many Republicans who did lose did so because of “potentially illegal votes.” It’s here that a too common word cluster – namely, “with zero evidence” – once again comes into play. Trump brazenly floated the theory that Democrats voted multiple times, thanks to disguises – and not even good ones, like fake mustaches or three people stacked on top of each other under a trenchcoat.