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Blending the rugged nature of the Khaki line with the craftsmanship of an exclusive H-21 automatic caliber, this all-black watch is ready for anything. The timepiece is featured in Jack Ryan season 1 and 2, worn by John Krasinski who plays Ryan. The H-21 automatic movement is the heartbeat of the watch, a Swiss-made exclusive that provides wearers with impeccable accuracy and 60 hours of power reserve. The timepiece also features two counters and a day-date display that is housed within a 42mm stainless steel case. The case is PVD coated in full black for a stealth appearance that’s perfect for the adventurous, active wearer. Each one is finished with a black rubber strap that provides a snug, comfortable fit while offering the versatility that wearers like Ryan demand.

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  • Creators of some of the most beloved cold brew coffee on the planet, London-based Sandows continues to experiment with the vessels for their prized beverage. The latest example is a bag in a box with 3 liters of delicious, caffeine-rich coffee that is low in calories, and sugar and dairy-free. The “on-tap” sits comfortably in your fridge with an easy-pour spout and provides around 15 servings.

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  • Trying coffee from different regions is the best way to develop your palate and find out what you like best. This curated selection of four different coffees from San Diego-based Coffee & Tea Collective gives you that opportunity. You get four 40g samples of coffee: one a complex yet approachable choice from Rwanda, a clean, fruity coffee from Ethiopia, and two different Columbian single-origin staples from the roasters growing line. Each has a unique flavor profile and arrive in whole bean form in monochrome packaging.