Parkland Survivor Goes Right For Broward Sheriff’s Jugular — ‘He Absolutely Needs To Resign’


Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Kyle Kashuv called for Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel’s resignation during a Sunday interview on Fox News.


“It absolutely outrages me that at the CNN town hall, we had the sheriff who was virtue signaling against the NRA and against guns when he didn’t even act properly,” Kashuv stated. “The armed officer at our school waited outside with the sheriff and his men for four minutes and let my classmates die while he stood outside and waited.”

“He didn’t do his job properly, and then he turns around and says guns are the issue when he failed to act properly.”

Kashuv stated Israel “absolutely needs to resign after what happened here.”

“He failed to act on so many different levels,” he continued “And him himself is responsible for this massive failure.”

“This could have easily been stopped both by the FBI and the sheriff’s department had they acted.”