Paria Farzaneh SS20 Delivers Optimism via Creepy Masks


Paria Farzaneh is one of London’s rising stars. While there’s been plenty of local designers who’ve managed to make something personable and wearable, the key difference is that she’s already found an audience that are eagerly buying her collections. It’s no mistake that her wares have already been seen on the likes of everyone from Pusha T to Kyrie Irving.

So, with an already enviable customer base under her wing, what’s next for Farzaneh? Judging from her SS20 collection, it’s creating things that resonate. Through a show where all the models wore masks and handed out yellow roses to the audience – a flower that was discovered growing wild in the Middle East during the 18th century which symbolises freedom – the clothes shone through.

Calling her clothes streetwear is fast becoming redundant as it’s clear that it’s far more than that, with her now signature use of pattern woven throughout the collection, there was both familiarity and newness. This season also saw the Converse collaboration return in the form of reworked Chuck Taylor ’70s Hi, utilizing the same patterns seen in the range. Take a look at the collection for yourself in the galleries below and above.

In other news, Martine Rose addressed the state of the nation in her Spring/Summer 2020 collection.