Oman Air: A Beautiful State Of Confusion – Live and Let’s Fly


Oman Air is out with a new brand video. While the visuals are downright stunning, I’m trying to figure out the words…and that has left me somewhat confused.

The new ad includes some amazing images of the country of Oman, beautiful flight attendants, beautiful new airport facilities in Muscat, and Oman’s latest first class product. The music is tremendous and the ad visually highlights the country of Oman and Oman Air in an extremely well-done way.

But maybe it just went over my head, but I’m having trouble deciphering the words. The following six phrases appear during the corporate brand video:

A State Of Awe

A State of Fascination

A State of Unity

A State of Pleasure

A State of Mind

A State of Wonder

And I guess I understand the dualism of every phase: that state can be interpreted as both a noun (as in the state of Oman) and noun (the particular condition that someone or something is in at a specific time).

I guess my confusion comes from the narrator. At one point he says,

Where you can be part of yesterday and tomorrow [while a closed-door lie-flat suite is shown with the words “A State of Pleasure”].

What are we supposed to read into that?

Or the final sentences of the brand video:

An airline that will transform you experience of travel and where every class has a class of its own.

Oman Air, a state of wonder.

I’m not sure “class of its own” is universally positive.


I’ve written about airline ads for years and gobble them up like I used to gobble up Halloween candy. I love the visuals in this ad. I love the music. But there’s something about the words that leave me scratching head. Perhaps it’s just me…

What are your thoughts on the new Oman Air brand video?

(H/T: One Mile at a Time)