Ohio Student Suspended for Making Replica Battlefield Cross for History Project


An Ohio middle-school student spoke out Thursday on “Fox & Friends” after he was suspended from school for making a battlefield cross replica as part of a history project.

Celina Middle School eighth-grade student Tyler Carlin said he told his teacher that he was going to replicate the iconic military symbol and the teacher said it would be OK.

Since he used a toy Nerf dart gun to make the project, administrators objected to it being in the school, saying it violated their policies.

Carlin said when he arrived at school with the cross on March 5, it was taken away from him and he was later given a three-day in-school suspension.

The school declined to elaborate on the decision in a statement to “Fox & Friends.” Not everyone at the school was supportive of the discipline, however.

“I just sat in a room all day. An administrator thought it was stupid that I got this, so she brought me a doughnut and played cards with me,” he said, adding that many residents are protesting the decision.

Carlin’s attorney, Travis Faber, said he wants the school district to expunge the “ridiculous” suspension from Carlin’s record. He also criticized the school board for not allowing an Army staff sergeant to speak on the matter at a recent school board meeting.

“This is an administration that frankly, just wasn’t using common sense,” said Faber.

Faber said he asked the school to delay the suspension before it went into effect, but the school refused.

Watch the full interview above.

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