Officials warn of possible measles exposure at College Station restaurant


COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Health Department Officials in Indiana are warning that patrons of the College Station restaurant Chuys’s on Harvey Road may have been exposed to measles.

Officials issued an advisory, Friday, confirming that a case of measles was discovered in northern Indiana and advising that anyone at Chuy’s in College Station on March 29th may have been exposed.

A statement from the Brazos County Health District, issued Saturday afternoon, reads in part:

“The Brazos County Health District was notified by the Texas Department of State Health Services that a case of Measles has been confirmed in an individual from Northern Indiana. This individual was reported to have visited Chuy’s Restaurant in College Station on March 29, 2019. At this time no other potential exposures in our area have been reported. Investigations at the state and local level have begun, and updates will be sent as more information becomes available.”

If you believe you have been exposed to measles, doctors recomend you call ahead to the Emergency Room or doctor’s office, so as to not expose other patients.

The Indiana Health Department says its consulting with health officials in Texas and other possible exposure sites.

In Texas, a measles case was recently discovered in the Dallas County area, bringing the total number of cases in the state to 15.

Measles is a highly contagious, infectious disease that causes rashes and a fever. Those who have not received the preventative MMR vaccine may be at risk of exposure.