Off The Record: Meet The Fearless Women Redefining The Music Industry In 2019


Right now, we’re seeing individuality celebrated in every way, across the world: People are reclaiming their heritage, underrepresented groups are carving out space for themselves where there once was none, and, more than ever, people feel empowered to speak out for what they believe in.

Music has always been a space for self-expression, and while many of the biggest stars killing it right now are fearless, idiosyncratic women, the fact remains that it’s a male-dominated industry.

This is how we arrive at our brand-new series, Off The Record. We’ve joined forces with Sleek MakeUP to spotlight the endlessly creative women who are carving their own paths of success within the music industry, embracing unapologetic self-expression, and rewriting the rules as they go.

We’ve gone backstage to discover the unique stories of inspiring women bursting onto the scene today. Getting up close and personal, we meet their nearest and dearest, discover their creative process, and dive deep into how and why they choose to take risks and speak their own truths: from community spaces to sold-out gigs, life-changing friendships all the way to a BFF-turned-MUA.

Whether your path is music, science, or anything in between, Off The Record is here to show you that “winning” can be as simple as following your gut, pushing through doubt, and trusting those around you to support you when you need it most.

From day one, music artist Amun has switched up power relationships and challenged the status quo of the music industry, ensuring that she makes the music that she wants to. For her, it’s important that people relate to her music and feel empowered to embrace their creativity. With inspiring confidence – which runs through everything from her clothes to her lyrics – the west London singer tells us how the backing of high-school friend Nadya Maki helped kickstart her career. We go with Amun on the journey of her success, from her dad’s shed to the community center that gave her the tools she needed to reach her potential to the studio where she recorded her latest EP.