Nioh 2 is coming. Here’s everything you need to know


Nioh 2’s announcement couldn’t have started out any more epic, and it couldn’t have ended any more disappointing. We didn’t get much of a trailer or much in the way of info at its E3 2018 debut, but we can already begin to put the puzzle pieces together to learn what’s in store. Here’s everything you need to know about Nioh 2.

What is Nioh 2?

Team Ninja had a bit of a chip on their shoulders preceding the launch of the original Nioh. The company that was responsible for an all-time classic known as Ninja Gaiden, hadn’t reached that level of brilliance since.

Nioh was the game they decided to make to shut all that noise up. It was an action RPG title that kind of married what they were known for in Ninja Gaiden with a more methodical fighting system akin to Dark Souls. Nioh 2, naturally, builds on that solid foundation.

The story so far

The original game was set in Japan during the year 1600. It featured a fictitious story, though there were characters based on the real legends of old. It also featured Queen Elizabeth 1 and her country’s plight to control Spain.

The central plot device was Amrita, a mystical stone found in Japan. Anyone who can absorb the essence and harness the energy of the stone becomes powerful beyond measure. A pirate-turned-sailor-turned-explorer named William is eventually tasked with finding it for people who mean to use it for nefariousness.

As for the new game, we’re not sure where things will go from there. It is suspected that we will pick up the story not too long after Nioh ended. What we do know is that it’ll stay on the same narrative track, though William may no longer be the focal point of the story. If that’s the case, we can assume that much of the game will still take place in Japan.


The original Nioh combined the tight combat of Ninja Gaiden with Dark Souls-like nuance. That is, you have a stamina bar that’ll dictate how much punishment you can dish out on any given foe. You also don’t want to get hit by their attacks, because death comes about quickly and often at times. And yes, the game prides itself on unforgiving difficulty, and that won’t be changing in the sequel.

You’ll earn XP and new gear over the course of the game to make your character stronger, though, and you’ll be rewarded for your masochism with more rewarding death sequences.

Team Ninja says Nioh 2 will be a natural progression, meaning it’ll build on the first game while adding new gameplay systems, mechanics, and features to make it even more fun than it already was. In fact, they’ve professed that they were intentionally more reserved with the original game, but now that they’ve gotten a good foundation they’ll be taking the gloves off and going all-in for the sequel. We’re still not sure what that means, but it’s safe to expect a better game, period.

One thing we do know is that you’ll be able to customize your character this time around. You’ll be able to choose both your gender and race, as well as other customization options that haven’t yet been revealed.

When can you play it?

We don’t yet have a release date for Nioh 2, but PlayStation 4’s closed Alpha tests have begun. The first test ran from May 24 to June 2. Team Ninja has said that this original alpha is designed “to help gather feedback for development.” Should this development run anything like the first game, there will likely be more test opportunities. While this first test was a very limited pool to keep the feedback clear and manageable, it is expected that the tests will only expand as the year progresses.

And despite the majority of us not being able to play just yet, Team Ninja has given a number of streamers permissions to share their alpha experience. Many videos are out there for us to drool over while we wait for our turns.

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