Need a New Phone Case? Here Are Five Easy-to-Clean Options.


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I recently had to replace my phone case, which was lost by someone who was not me. Not my phone, mind you, just the case. I’d try to explain but to be honest I have no earthly idea what went on in that men’s room…. anyway. The result was that I needed a new phone case, and I needed one quick. But I wasn’t about to buy just any old phone case, oh no no. Because I’m me, and I know that there’s an important factor to take into account when choosing a phone case, and here’s what it is: Ease of cleaning!

So with phone cases on the brain, I decided to round up five easy-to-clean phone case options for you, should you too fall victim to a lost phone case mystery.

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I’m remembering now that maybe three or so phones ago, I had one of these YFWOOD cases, and I loved it! It was super easy to take on and off, so when it needed to be deep cleaned I could pop it right off and wash it in the sink with a sponge and hot soapy water, just like a dish. Wooden cases, however, shouldn’t go in the dishwasher (even on the top rack) because heat can cause them to warp and the prolonged exposure to water can cause splitting. For the same reason, you should dry a wooden phone case off immediately after washing it.

Some people like a clear case, so that the phone has protection but also doesn’t look like it’s all gussied up (I don’t understand those words, if I’m being honest, but I’m here to serve as many needs as possible). If you want a clear case, know that you’ll probably need to deep clean it more often than opaque cases, and here’s why: It won’t be dirtier than other kinds of cases, but you will see all the crumbs and cat hair that somehow finds its way into the space between the phone and the case.

Of all the popular phone case material types, silicone is the one-from a cleaning perspective, at least-to avoid. There are two problems with silicone cases: The first is that they can get…sticky (I’m sorry) in a way that’s pretty difficult to clean, though rubbing alcohol can help; the other is that they can get stained, and the staining is almost impossible to remove. So! If you want a silicone case, your best bet is to go with a black one, so that when staining happens, like indigo dye transfer from jeans to case, it won’t be visible.

The last (lost) phone case I had was a Kate Spade case similar to this, and it was a dream. It was easy to pop on and off, and it never felt slimy or sticky, even after handling it while at the gym. The Kate Spade cases are a little spend-ier than other brands, but another benefit most of the styles offer is that they’re brightly colored and fancifully patterned, which means that it’s easy to spot them in the depths of a dark and cluttered handbag.

This is a two-piece case designed to fit a Galaxyand, yes, the glitter look won’t be for everyone but for those of you who love some glitter, enjoy! Because it’s two pieces, it’s fairly easy to assemble and disassemble for when the case needs to be deep cleaned, but also, foreign matter is less likely to get in the space between phone and case with a two-piece design. The case features a screen protector, a soft side bumper to make gripping the phone-and therefore not dropping it-easier, and a scratch-resistant back.