Myrtle Beach Packed as July 4th Weekend Kicks Off, COVID-19 Cases Rise


Folks in South Carolina are flocking to the sand in Myrtle Beach for the holiday weekend, throwing social distancing and stay-at-home advice to the wind … the wind blowin’ the COVID.

Check it out … the beach is packed as Fourth of July weekend kicks off, and people don’t seem to be physically distancing … in or out of the water.

As for face masks … hard to tell if people are covering up, but with beachgoers setting up shop right next to others as far as the eye can see, ya gotta think they aren’t taking that precaution either.

Of course, SC is one of the 40 U.S. states where coronavirus cases are on the rise.

Several other major cities and states across the country have gone back to shutdown mode to slow the spread, but it looks like Myrtle Beach ain’t about that.

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Kelly Burbage/Facebook

On the bright side — if another large bird soars high over the sea with a shark (or big fish) in its talons … there will be plenty of people there to get video.