Mouse Support In iOS 13 and iPadOS Includes USB and Bluetooth Devices – Slashdot


TheFakeTimCook writes: According to an article on Apple Insider, both iOS and iPadOS 13 will contain mouse support for USB-C and Bluetooth pointing-devices, as part of the “Assistive Technology” features in those Operating Systems. “Apple confirmed both wired USB and Bluetooth mouse models will work in iOS and iPadOS, though the company has not compiled an official list of compatible devices,” the report says. “That includes Apple’s own Magic Mouse. Interestingly, [developer] Troughton-Smith on Monday discovered the feature works, at least unofficially, with Apple’s Magic Trackpad. Apple [said] the ‘foundation’ of mouse support in iOS and iPadOS goes back ‘a couple years.’ Mouse integration can be enabled through the AssistiveTouch menu in iOS 13 and iPadOS, and will be available to users once those operating systems launch this fall.”