Monster Energy Suing Raptors over Clawed-Up Basketball Logo

Rob Goldberg Brian Lawdermilk/Getty Images @TheRobGoldberg Twitter Logo Featured Columnist

The biggest court battle for the Toronto Raptors might not be against the Golden State Warriors, but instead Monster Energy.

The energy drink company has filed legal action with the U.S. Patent Office, claiming the logo the Raptors have used since 2014 is too similar to its own, according to the Canadian Press (via CBC).

“[Monster] has sold billions of dollars worth of goods under [its] mark,” the company said, describing its logo featuring three gashes that was created in 2002.

J.E. Skeets of The Starters provided a side-by-side of the two logos:

J.E. Skeets @jeskeets

Monster Energy drink claims Raptors logo too similar to its own. Seriously.

Although the initial suit was created in 2015, the fight has languished for four years and a judge will have to decide whether a consumer would likely be confused.

“In one case you have a very popular logo from an NBA franchise that everybody understands is Toronto Raptors,” Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, which owns the Raptors, said in its response. “And on the other, you have a logo that everybody understands is Monster Energy.

“It appears on its face the logos are pretty different.”

Considering how popular Raptors apparel has become during the current playoff run, you can be sure Monster Energy is going to keep up its efforts to win this case.