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We make it our business to know (and, obviously, reveal) people’s go-to skincare and beauty regimens. Not only is channeling our inner Nancy Drew practically written in the job description as beauty editors, but our perpetual product curiosity is also an insatiable, intrinsic itch. Simply put, we want to know what people are putting on their faces, where they’re putting it on their faces, when they’re putting it on their faces, and why they’re putting it on their faces. It’d be exhausting if we didn’t happen to love it so much.

Most recently, we reached out to model, content creator, and self-proclaimed “skinthusiast” Yvette Corinne to dig into her go-to skin routine and ask her all of our burning product questions.

“When it comes to skincare, I try to use mainly clean and natural skincare products,” Corinne tells us right off the bat. ” My skin doesn’t react well to chemicals, and cost is not a factor when it comes to skincare. If the product is good, it’s good. I don’t determine how effective a product is based on the price. I feel like you can miss out on so many amazing products that way!”

Below, Corinne is detailing her go-to daily skincare routine and revealing the must-have skin elixirs that keep her “very dry” skin type topped up with hydration. Keep scrolling!