Microsoft promises new Xbox \


Microsoft is changing the way its Xbox app works on Windows 10. Previously, it was the main way to access Xbox friends lists, messages, and party features on a PC, but Microsoft has now updated the Xbox app on Windows 10 to rename it to “Xbox Console Companion.” In the update message, Microsoft says “This app is being renamed to Xbox Console Companion to be a dedicated app for your Xbox console’s features and settings.”

At the same time, Microsoft is also teasing its plans for the future of the Xbox app on Windows 10. “A new desktop experience is coming soon!” says the message. It’s not clear exactly what this desktop experience will be. Microsoft recently released an updated Game Bar on Windows 10, which is now a full overlay that’s similar to Nvidia’s GeForce Experience or Discord. There are a number of widgets to access Xbox features like LFG, messages, and friends, making the Xbox app a little redundant.

Many Xbox fans had assumed Microsoft would kill the app on Windows 10, but it looks like the company has plans for a different desktop app for Xbox on PC. Microsoft gaming chief Phil Spencer admitted last year that the software maker had “a ton of work to do on Windows” for PC gamers, and with E3 approaching it looks like we’re going to hear more about Microsoft’s plans for PC gaming soon.