Mick Foley Will Come Watch Wrestling With Fans For Ashley Massaro Donation


Mick Foley I’ll Come Watch Wrestling W/ You For Ashley Massaro Donation

Mick Foley says he’ll come to your door and watch wrestling with you IN PERSON … saying all it’ll take for him to do that is a donation to Ashley Massaro‘s daughter’s educational fund.

The wrestling legend appeared on “TMZ Live” on Tuesday and told the guys for a $5,000 check, he’s willing to travel ANYWHERE in the United States or Canada to hang out with fans.

And, for a $10,000 donation, he says he’ll even fly overseas!!!

“You get three hours of my time,” Mick says … “We can do whatever you want. I can do your yard work if you’d like.”

Massaro tragically died last month in an apparent suicide … and Foley has been one of the ring leaders of a charity project aimed at helping her daughter, Alexa, save up for college.

So far,their GoFundMe page has raised over $45,000 … and Mick says the ultimate goal is $100K.

“Ashley was a really good friend and somebody I thought the world of,” Mick says … “And, I wish I had been there a little bit more for her when she was having trouble.”

“So, I’m trying to make up for that by being someone they can count on.”