Meghan Markle stuns Prince Harry with surprise Skype call: Watch!


A Skype surprise!

During a visit to Nalikule College of Education in Malawi on Sunday, Prince Harry and the young women that he was meeting with were treated to a wonderful surprise when his wife, Duchess Meghan, appeared on screen via Skype to call into their meeting. Nobody was more surprised than Harry himself!

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While he let out a “heyyy!” when Meghan’s face appeared on the screen, which was positioned for everyone in the room to see, the young women in the room burst into song as Meghan clapped along.

“We’re just so proud as president and vice-president of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust that we can support you in everything that you do because we cannot begin to express how valuable and vital that work is, we’re just incredibly proud to be part of it,” Meghan said to the group from South Africa. “I wish I could be with you. We’re in South Africa right now — Archie’s taking a nap. I’m with you in spirit. I’m so happy, and I can’t wait to hear for the rest of the session.”

The couple supports the school via the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, which helps with investments to make sure that girls in Malawi get at least 12 years of education. Harry is president of the Trust, while Meghan is vice-president.

The couple is a week into their 10-day royal tour of Africa. Meghan and Archie remained in South Africa while Harry took solo trips to Malawi, Angola and Botswana over the weekend. He’ll rejoin his family in Johannesburg for several more days of royal outings before they travel back home to London.