‘Meet Me Face to Face’: ‘Angel Mom’ Challenges Pelosi on Border Wall Opposition


A mother whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant challenged top Democrats Monday on Fox News @ Night over their opposition to fund a border wall.

Sabine Durden’s son, Dominic, was killed in 2012 when a truck slammed into his motorcycle. The truck’s driver, Juan Zacarias Tzun, was an illegal immigrant with two felonies and two DUIs.

“Meet me face to face. Give me five minutes,” she asked of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “I just want to, mother-to-mother, look you in the eyes and ask you if you want to feel this way.”

Durden said that the “crisis” at the country’s southern border is not manufactured, the claim of many Democrats opposed to funding a wall.

Polls are now showing that people are beginning to understand the Humanitarian Crisis and Crime at the Border. Numbers are going up fast, over 50%. Democrats will soon be known as the Party of Crime. Ridiculous that they don’t want Border Security!

– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 15, 2019

“I’m tired of being insulted and re-victimized by politicians who don’t speak up for us,” she said. “They speak up for illegals, for law-breakers.”

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She also criticized the “absolute insanity” of those who believe a border wall would make America less safe, in response to an article claiming the opposite.

The piece in The Progressive slammed President Trump’s “fear-mongering claims” during his address to the nation, and said his proposed border wall is the “perfect prop” for his “racist stagecraft.”

Durden added that Americans need to stand behind Trump and his efforts to combat illegal immigration, so that other families don’t endure the pain she has.

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