Matthew Koma Calls Zedd ‘Toxic’ and Claims He Took False Credit for ‘Spectrum’ and ‘Clarity’ Lyrics


Singer Matthew Koma is calling out Zedd, and he isn’t holding back.

Koma, 32, previously worked with the DJ, 29, on several hit songs such as “Clarity” and “Spectrum,” but the success the pair accomplished together only fractured their relationship, and Koma is speaking out about it now.

In a lengthy statement on Instagram, Koma detailed the dissolution of his relationship with Zedd, which centers around Koma’s claims that the DJ took credit for the hit singles’ lyrics that Koma says he wrote.

“In response to years of: ‘What happened with you & Zedd.’ I want to finally be transparent about this,” Koma wrote. “it’s a really sad truth because I’m extremely proud of the work he and I did together. Unfortunately my good feelings toward those songs have all but disappeared as they were experienced alongside someone so toxic and self serving that it occupied the space where any happiness could exist.”

Koma then went into his history with Zedd, which began when the two teamed up to create “Clarity” and “Spectrum.” However, over time, Koma writes he began to feel taken advantage of.

“The blows started small – him giving interviews about the ‘lyrics he wrote’ (I wrote every word and melody) with no mention of my name, not being paid for singing on ‘Spectrum’ until 2 or 3 years of fighting for a fee, him producing a song I wrote called ‘Suitcase’ for my album then not allowing me to release it,” he added.

Koma went on, claiming that the DJ “actively told him” that he did not want his name associated with their collaboration on “Find You,” a hit song the pair created in 2014.

He also detailed how he helped Zedd find Foxes, the singer who contributed to the Grammy-winning “Clarity,” but received no credit for the huge hit.

“He won a Grammy for it – I wasn’t invited,” Koma added. “There was a documentary about ‘the making of Zedd’ and I was the only collaborator not invited to the premiere or asked to be interviewed for the movie.”

“More or less, I was just brushed under the rug while he took all the credit,” he continued, adding it “felt confusing because the millions of people who connected to ‘Clarity’ and those other songs, seemed to connect to the lyrics/emotion/melodies I had written. But he deemed his Kick Drum sound the driving force and left me out of all shared credit.”

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Koma went on to explain that Zedd’s cruel behavior wasn’t unique to just him.

“For years I thought maybe it was me, but over time, I’d run into other people who worked with him, other writers/singers/producers/DJs/people on his own team, and the sentiment was shared. He’s the worst,” he wrote.

Koma ended the passionate statement with a last slight against Zedd.

“Now, he has plenty of people to write his songs and produce his tracks and help him continue on his trajectory,” he wrote. “But I rather work at Starbucks and clean the toilets than ever experience that abusive dynamic again. Toxicity doesn’t breed happiness.”

On Friday, Zedd responded to the strong statement made against him on Twitter, objecting to Koma’s recollection of their experiences together.

“Matt, I am sorry you feel this way,” he wrote. “I don’t feel the same, nor do I agree with your description of our history together. I supported you in every single area I had control over as I do with any and all of my collaborators.”

“I will forever be grateful to you and your contributions to my career,” the DJ added in a second tweet. “I continue to wish you all the best.”

Zedd or his rep did not respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Koma received a large wave of support from both fans and fellow musicians, including fiancé Hilary Duff, whom he proposed to last month and shares one child with, Banks Violet, 7 months.

“This is so important for people who love the music to know,” Duff, 31, commented on the post. “Writers are taken advantage of, ignored, and mistreated. Proud of you for finally speaking up.”

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Ashley Tisdale, apparently unaware of the hit songs Koma was behind, commented, “HOLY S- I just realized you sing one of my favorite songs!”

Bebe Rexha also showed the singer support, writing, “the unfortunate dark side of the music business.”

Over the years, Zedd has become one of the most successful DJs with numerous hit songs and two studio albums – Clarity and True Colors. In August, his third studio album, titled Orbit, will be released.

He has contributed to hit songs over the years such as “The Middle” with Maren Morris, “Stay” with Alessia Cara and “Get Low” with Liam Payne.