Mark Hamill Was Once Fired from Jack in the Box for Doing a Creepy Impression on the Drive-Thru Speaker


Before Mark Hamill was putting his acting skills to good use on the big screen, he was practicing his craft on fast food customers.

While appearing on an episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden on Tuesday, the Star Wars actor, 67, revealed that he was once fired from his job at Jack in the Box for impersonating the fast food chain’s mascot, Jack Box the clown.

Corden and Hamill began talking about working in the food service industry after Bradley Whitford, who was also a guest on Tuesday’s show, told the story of how he met Hamill in 1981 when he stopped into the restaurant where Whitford was working as a waiter. Whitford said Hamill had “tipped like a banshee” and was very kind. Hamill admitted it was because he too had relied on tips as a waiter at one point in his life.

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“Were you a good waiter?” Corden asked. “I tried,” Hamill said. “I was always trying to find the theatrical aspects of it. I actually worked right down the street here at Jack in the Box and I was in the back all the time, making shakes and minding the grill. I always aspired to work the window, the drive-thru. And the one chance I had at it, it never occurred to me not to be in character as the Jack in the Box clown.”

Hamill then performed a creepy impression of a clown asking, “What’s your order?”

Unfortunately, his manager didn’t think his impression was as funny as the Late Late Show audience did. “He told me to go home and never come back,” Hamill said.

“Fired from Jack in the Box?” Corden asked. “Fired for being in character,” Hamill confirmed.

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Hamill and Whitford aren’t the only celebrities who started their careers by working in the food service industry. See here for all the stars who have worked in fast food restaurants including Chris Pratt, Jenna Fischer and more.