Mac From \

If you watch It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia AND Game Of Thrones, then you’ll appreciate the actual greatest crossover event in the history of movies and television. Sorry to the Avenger people!
In the season premiere of GOT, Rob Mcelhenney, AKA Mac, appeared as this dude:
Yes, remember when Theon killed a bunch of people on the ship to save his sister Yara?
Well, the first person that got an arrow in his head was…Mac!
His appearance lasted for all of .000006 seconds, and just like all the good ones on Game Of Thrones, he died.
Glenn Howerton aka Dennis said it best:
The waitress was a little bit more supportive:
Then, two seconds after Mac died, another familiar face was killed by an arrow. And that was Martin Starr, from Silicon Valley.
All in all, a great two seconds of Game Of Thrones.

But unfortunately, things will be difficult for Mac in the future.