Look: Warriors Unveil Updated Logo for 2019-20 Season

Tyler Conway Noah Graham/Getty Images @jtylerconway Twitter Logo Featured Columnist

The Golden State Warriors have unveiled a new logo for the 2019-20 season.

You just may have to squint real hard to notice the changes.

The Warriors released the logo Wednesday, helpfully noting the small differences that probably would have passed most by:

Golden State Warriors @warriors

The updated logo for next season has a fresh look. It depicts a more accurate portrayal of the Bay Bridge and uses a custom font. https://t.co/oqpEsmgHwM

As far as updates go, you may find this interesting if you’re into fonts or architectural accuracy.

Otherwise, it’s basically the same logo as before-to the point it’s hard to see why anyone went through the trouble.

A redesign or revamping of the logo could have made some sense with the Warriors moving into the Chase Center next season. It may even have been fun to leave the old logo in the “past” as a nod to the organization’s time in Oakland.

Instead, this is the NBA equivalent of being asked to discern the difference between the nine different shades of white at a paint store.