Lilly Wachowski doesn’t appreciate Elon Musk’s Matrix tweet


Earlier today, we reported that Bill Pullman had shared a somewhat disappointingly chill response to Donald Trump tweeting an edited clip from Independence Day that put his face on Pullman’s body during the big speech scene. It all basically just made Trump look stupid, which requires little to no effort, but Pullman missed a chance to really land a dunk and get some worthless cheers from internet people like us. Well, here comes Matrix co-creator (and Matrix 4 solo director) Lilly Wachowski, who’s ready to show Pullman how you’re supposed to handle a situation like this.

Earlier today, rich person Elon Musk tweeted the phrase “take the red pill” along with an emoji of a red rose-a vague and seemingly political statement that requires some familiarity with the internet. The rose emoji is used a symbol for people with far-left political beliefs, while “red pill” (a reference to The Matrix) has been co-opted by people with far-right political beliefs/misogynist assholes to refer to the moment when they discovered the supposed true nature of reality-which is to say that it’s their right to be an asshole and that anything and everything bad in their life is someone else’s fault. We’re not saying that’s what Musk meant, but that is more or less what people understand “red pill” to mean.

But wait, there’s more! Ivanka Trump, who is what you’d get if Veruca Salt’s dad just bought Willy Wonka’s factory for her at the end, retweeted Musk’s post with the comment “Taken!” (as in, “I’ve taken the red pill” and not “I got the name of the movie wrong,” we assume). This is where Lilly Wachowski comes in with one of those rare tweets that actually makes the mountain of bile that is Twitter seem briefly worthwhile:

Hell yeah. Wachowski than plugged her SoundCloud, so to speak, directing her followers to support the LGBTQ organization Brave Space Alliance.

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