Liberals Are Oddly Upset At The Prospect Of Finding Out The Truth


Derek Hunter | Contributor

Today’s show delves into the liberal outrage over Attorney General William Barr’s announcement that he will be looking into the origins of the Russia investigation.

It’s weird how leftists – particularly journalists – are angry at the prospect of someone trying to get answers to the basic questions of how this whole thing started and whether or not it was politically motivated.

Plus, California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters makes a fool of herself, and Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders wants to make fools of us all.

Listen to the show:

Barr upset every Democrat in Congress – and every Democrat with a press credential – when he announced he believed the Obama administration had “spied” on the Trump campaign when they were, um, spying on the Trump campaign. Perhaps they would have preferred if he’d said the Obama administration had simply surveilled members of the campaign and their communications without their knowledge or consent?

Either way, getting to the bottom of how the entire Russia investigation came to be, especially since after two years, $25 million in taxpayer funds, and a team of Democratic Party donor lawyers who found no evidence of collusion, would be of interest to journalists. Their job, after all, is supposed to go wherever the facts take them.

But no, they aren’t interested. Chuck Todd was particularly upset about the AG asking questions. His lack of curiosity is indicative of all liberal journalists, and we dissect the audio.

Waters made an absolute fool of herself yesterday, questioning bank executives about how they are addressing the “student loan crisis.” What the Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee didn’t appear to know is the Federal Government nationalized student loan industry in 2010, which Waters voted for. The audio is hilarious.

Sanders is set to introduce his ” Medicare for All ” socialized medicine bill today, which would outlaw private health insurance. From the concept to the math, everything Sanders is saying about the bill is wrong – not to mention the fact that he seems to have no concern for the tens of thousands of Americans who would be put out of work by effectively shutting every private health insurance company. We discuss it all.

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