Lessen the Torture That Is High Heels With These Five Foot-Saving Products


There are some people who can wear heels for eight hours straight and feel no pain. Those people clearly have no sensation in their feet. For the rest of us, wearing heels can be like standing on top of a bunch of tiny knives, or being barefoot on a bunch of hot coals.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do: Break heels in by wearing them around the house with a pair of socks. You can even take a blow dryer to your heels (while wearing them with socks) for 10 to 15 minutes to really try and mold them to your foot. And just to be safe when it comes to preventing blisters, stabbing sensations, slipping, and more, you’re going to want to stock up on these high heel hacks. Consider this your high heel emergency kit.

If you have horrible pain in your feet after just five minutes in a pair of high heels, you need to get a pair of metatarsal cushions (and maybe reconsider the type of heels you’re wearing). Metatarsal cushions are designed to help support your transverse arch, a.k.a. the area right below the ball of your foot. The Hyjinx Ball of Foot Metatarsal Cushions are very affordable-a great deal for what they will save you in pain. These cushions can be used for a variety of foot ailments as well, such as pad atrophy, metatarsalgia, neuromas, burning sensations at the ball of the foot, cushioning calluses, and bunion pain.

In the words of Amanda Bynes, a la She’s The Man, “Heels are a male invention designed to make…

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To Prevent Blisters

Have you ever had a pair of heels that fit *almost* perfectly? They don’t hurt to stand or walk in, they don’t squish your toes, but they do rub the back of your heel. This is a no-go unless you want a nasty blister (and possible infection). That is where moleskin comes in handy. Pick up Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin Plus Padding Roll to put either on your actual foot or right in the shoe. Just cut off whatever size you need and mold it into the exact shape your shoe requires.

Another way to prevent blisters (or stinky toes) is to apply a little deodorant to your feet. Deodorant will help prevent friction between your foot and the shoe, and you’ll also get the added bonus of fresh-smelling feet by the end of the night, if they do start to sweat.

Stilettos aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you’ve nearly sprained your ankle in a pair, you might want to get some heel caps. Caps can provide a little extra support, which in turn can keep you from slipping in skinny, unstable heels. They can also prevent that annoying clickity-clack sound that heels make on a hard surface.

If you’re wearing a brand new, unbroken-in pair of heels, the bottom of the shoe is likely unscuffed (read: extra slippery). If you don’t want to risk an embarrassing dance floor fiasco, you’ll want a pair of anti-slip pads to stick on the bottom of your heels. Stay safe out there.

I am very vain about my feet. There, I said it. (Foot fetishists love me, and now I’ve also said…

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