Lego’s New Hogwarts Great Hall Set Is Going to Magically Drain My Wallet


This isn’t Lego’s first attempt at miniaturizing Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Castle (it’s at least the sixth) and at 878-pieces it’s not the largest version either. But somehow the new Hogwarts Great Hall set stands several Hagrids above all the previous versions by recreating, in wonderful detail, one of the franchise’s best set-pieces.

The set features four levels with a spiral staircase leading to the castle’s potion room, treasure room, and the Mirror of Erised showing a reflected image of Harry with his dearly-departed parents. But wipe those tears away because the Great Hall itself has plenty of features to be happy about including dining tables, a fireplace, reversible house banners, floating candles, lots of food, a trophy cup, and the sorting hat.

The set also comes with 10 minifigures including Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Susan Bones, Professor McGonagall, Hagrid, Dumbledore, Nearly Headless Nick, and a tiny Professor Quirrel that turns into Voldemort when you twist his head around. Lego versions of Hedwig, Scabbers, and Fawkes are also included, as well as the Basilisk if you want to recreate your favorite scenes from Chamber of Secrets.

After the massive 7,541-piece Lego Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon was unveiled last Summer, with its equally massive $800 price tag, we’ve learned to brace our wallets every time new Lego sets are introduced. But the Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall will come in at a reasonable $100 when it’s officially available starting on August 1. Were they included in a blind bag collection, you’d spend at least that much trying to collect all ten of these minifigures.