Latest Trailer for Toonami’s ‘Uzumaki’ Adaptation Highlights Creator Junji Ito


The newest trailer for Toonami and Production IG’s adaptation of Uzumaki has given fans a closer look into the mind of the creator himself, Junji Ito. The mangaka, along with a number of important figures who are working on the miniseries, speak on the importance of Ito’s creativity, his horror manga and what they hope to deliver with the adaptation.

According to Ito, he attributes the basis of his work and the general interest in the horror genre to the curiosity about things we don’t understand. Comparing it to the exploration of mysteries, he explains, “It’s like when you see something scary, or when you’re wondering what is beyond the darkness. I want to know those kinds of things.”

Anime director Hiroshi Nagahama and writer Aki Itami, along with Shogakukan Inc. publishing house editor Sayuri Kinjo also spoke on the terrifying genius of Ito. “Mr. Ito himself is the type who is very attuned to the minor details of ordinary life,” Kinjo explained. “A theme Uzumaki deals with [is] luring people in and attracting them, which is the nature of a spiral, or Uzumaki,” Nagahama said, with Itami adding, “The sense of speed, the tempo…Of course in a script, all these things are difficult. But for me, the most important after scariness is beauty.”

Watch the new trailer above. Uzukami arrives on Toonami sometime in 2020.

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