Lara Trump to ‘Fox & Friends’: Trump ‘one of the greatest presidents we’ve ever had’


Lara Trump said will go down as one of the “greatest presidents we’ve ever had” during an interview alongside her husband on “Fox & Friends” on Friday morning.

Asked whether the couple needed “really thick skin” given the criticism and negative coverage of Trump, Lara Trump told co-host Ainsley Earhardt that they believe they are on the “right side of history.”

“We all sleep well at night knowing that we’re behind a man who is leading this country in the right direction, who will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents we’ve ever had. So we know we’re doing the right thing and fighting for the right thing,” she said.

“Does it get to your dad?” Earhardt asked Eric Trump.

“You have to understand it for what it is. It is the most vicious game in the world,” he replied. “If you really compartmentalize it, it’s the most vicious game in the world. We walked into a system that they did not want us in. They did not want my father there.”

“They still don’t,” co-host Steve Doocy injected.

“Of course they don’t,” the president’s son continued. “And honestly, what do they do? They lash out, make up conspiracies, harass, subpoena, they do this, they do that, when the guy is single-handedly focused on trying to fix this country.”

Eric Trump, 35, is executive vice president of the Trump Organization and runs the company with older brother

The president said in an interview published Friday that he believes daughter , who currently serves as one of his senior adviser along with son-in-law , would be a strong presidential contender if she ever decided to run.

“If she ever wanted to run for president,” President Trump told The Atlantic, “I think she’d be very, very hard to beat.”