Kevin Durant signed with the Nets because ‘the cool thing now is not the Knicks’



Ouch. Kevin Durant, who left the Golden State Warriors and signed a $164 million, four-year contract with the Brooklyn Nets over the summer, took that shot at the crosstown rival New York Knicks in a Hot 97 radio interview Tuesday morning.

Although the Knicks had freed up salary-cap space hoping to woo the 31-year-old all-star and two-time Finals MVP, Durant revealed in the new interview that he never seriously considered the move to Madison Square Garden because the Knicks have come to be viewed as a losing team – not making the playoffs in any of the past six seasons or winning an NBA title since 1973. That’s not “cool,” Durant said.

“I thought about it, yeah, just a thought. But I didn’t really do any deep, full analysis on the Knicks – no,” Durant said.

He added that, “The organization, basketball is the most important thing for me, so playing with Kyrie [Irving], DeAndre Jordan, the young players [the Nets] got, was key,” he said. “I just wanted to be around a nice group of young players and also a good mix of vets.”

Durant’s words riled up Knicks fans still disappointed that he hadn’t joined their team. Indeed, the Knicks reportedly had banked on Durant and Irving joining them – as had investors: MSG’s stock dropped when Durant passed over the Knicks for the Nets. His interview was trending on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon as sports fans weighed in:

Translation “I came cause I’m a follower”

– KnicksKnowDrama (@KnicksKnowDrama) October 8, 2019

@KDTrey5 how’s this for cool 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

– Kouch boogie (@kboogs05) October 8, 2019

Yes Kevin Durant please tell us more about what’s ‘cool’

– Lester The Undrafted Free Agent (@TheLesterLee) October 8, 2019

Catch the entire Hot 97 interview here:

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