Kawhi Leonard, Whenever You Get A Minute, This Extremely Drunk Raptors Fan Has A Plant For You


Kawhi Leonard had one of the great NBA postseasons, dismantling the Process, outplaying the MVP, and being the single best player in a Finals that brought down a dynasty. He was near-unanimous Finals MVP, and is now the first player in the history of the league to earn that honor in both conferences. He has trophies upon trophies, and none of them are more important than the plant that a guy on Yonge Street wants to give him.

Kawhi, I know you are busy. There’s a flight back to Toronto, and then a parade to plan and enjoy, and of course, Apple Time. But I promised I’d pass along that this guy’s got a housewarming gift for you, and he loves you, and thank you for the shot.

Even if Leonard leaves in free agency, the trade will have been worth it for everybody involved, because Toronto got a title and Leonard got a plant.