Just about every Final Fantasy soundtrack is now streaming on Spotify and Apple Music


So far, 2019 has been a pretty good year for fans of the Final Fantasy franchise. First, we were finally given a real look at the long-anticipated Final Fantasy VII remake, which sounds like it may actually come out sometime in the near future. Now, thanks to some benevolent copyright holders at Square Enix, every soundtrack to (nearly) every game has been made available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music. Just search for ” Final Fantasy original soundtrack” in your streaming app and relive the past 30+ years of RPG adventures, from the early chiptune backing tracks to the later, fully symphonic arrangements.

According to Tech Crunch, there are actually a few titles missing from this massive new collection.For some reason, X-2, as well as a few auxiliary games like Tactics Advance, have been conspicuously left out. There’s a chance these soundtracks will be uploaded later, but for now you’ve got over 15 others to keep you busy.The only problem is many of the track listings are in the original Japanese, so it may take you a while to find your favorite battle theme or Chocobo racing score.

Weirdly enough, Square Enix hasn’t really done anything to promote the sudden availability of these albums, but, as Tech Crunch notes, their release likely has to do with the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Symphonic Reunion concert in Los Angeles later this week. If you’re not lucky enough to have tickets to that event, you can at least listen to the original soundtrack at your leisure while you watch Square Enix’s E3 event from your living room. That’s basically just as good.

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