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1. Nothing Fancy, a cookbook by the one-and-only Alison Roman, that’ll actually make you want to make dinner at night with fuss-free meals instead of ordering takeout…again.

Kayla Boyd / BuzzFeed

“I have bought a few shirts and pins from Adorned by Chi, and I love them all. The products are fun, quirky, and unique. The quality is always good and if you’re a fan of anime or nerd culture, then there is definitely a lot of awesome stuff to choose from!” – Kayla Boyd

Get it from Adorned by Chi for $26+ (available in sizes XS-4X and in six colors).

And check out 37 other cool products from black-owned businesses here.

BuzzFeed / Heather Braga

“A few years ago a friend gave me the ‘stress relief’ body wash and foam bath as a gift and ever since I’ve been hooked on these products. Most recently I purchased the Sleep black chamomile version, and I want to let the world know how much I love it!

It was designed to calm the mind and body, as it is infused with chamomile oil and bergamot oil, and honestly just smells fantastic. I’m also very into healing crystals, astrology, and all that jazz, so the subtle depiction of stars and the moon on the label really drew me in. The bodywash itself even has a mystical, potion-like look to it. It looks so cool on my bathroom counter that I already know I’ll have to restock when I run out. I’ll usually only add a single squeeze-worth of it into my running bath water and it foams up really nicely – but not too much so that you’re being overwhelmed by bubbles. If you’re in need of a new bubble bath or just want to upgrade your own *serenity situation* I’d definitely check this product out.” – Heather Braga

Get it from Bath & Body Works for $13.50.

6. NeuroGum energy gum made with 40mg of caffeine to help you get through your 3 p.m. slump so you don’t have to grab another cup of coffee that might make you jittery and not sleep at night.

“People, I love and swear by this gum. Each piece is made with 40mg of caffeine (about half the amount of caffeine in an average cup of coffee), so it’s great to chew throughout the afternoon without having to worry about it keeping you up at night. You can read more of my thoughts and opinions on this gum here (it’s #2)!” – Kayla Suazo

Get a pack of 108 from Amazon for $39.

Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

They have a 13-hour music and talk time and only take about 1.5 hours to charge completely. Plus, they come with different sized earbuds to ensure they fit into all different sized ears and are sweat-proof.

“I’ve had my pink pair for nine months and counting, and I’m never going back to traditional wired buds. In fact, all I can tolerate now is this short wrap-around-the-neck wire! The noise reduction isn’t 100%, but it blocks pretty much everything at the office (but if someone talks to me, I won’t be startled lol) *and* a dang impressive level of noise on my very loud subway commute to and from work, so I never have to blast my music at an uncomfortably high volume. Also, they blow first-edition AirPods out of the water in terms of noise reduction *and* are wayyyy cheaper, just sayin’. Plus, each charge gives you eight hours of talk/music time, and they only take an hour or two to fully charge. They also have magnetic backs, so they can snap together when you’re not using them.” – Sarah Han

Get them from Amazon for $27.99 (only available in black currently).

Read Sarah’s full review of the Soundpeat Q30 Plus Bluetooth Earphones here.

“I bought these for a child’s tattoo-themed birthday party and they were a huge hit with both the kids and the adults! The size is perfect for any finger and the tattoo is easy to apply in one try – no mistakes were made, despite the fidgety little kid fingers we were applying them to. I had one as well and it lasted about three days with normal hand-washing. These are a ton of (temporary) fun!” – Mal Mower

Get a set of two from Amazon for $6.99 (available in 10 styles).

18. New York Street Style, a fashionable coloring book that’s so ~posh~, you’ll feel like a model about to post their #ootd when you complete a drawing.

25. Unashamed: Musings of a Fat, Black Muslim, a memoir that’ll give you all the feels as author Leah Vernon shares her life story of overcoming difficulties to be the women she is today. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll be inspired.

Kayla Boyd / BuzzFeed

“I’m currently reading this book and it is one of the most honest and entertaining memoirs I’ve read in a while. Leah does not hold back and her story of family struggles, divorce, and following her dreams is certainly able to inspire anyone, no matter what their race, religion, etc..” – Kayla Boyd

Get it from Amazon for $15.82.

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