Joy Villa wears border wall-inspired dress; Ricky Rebel wears pro-Trump jacket



Joy Villa is making another political statement at this year’s Grammy Awards.

The singer arrived at the event’s red carpet Sunday in a border wall-inspired outfit.

The look included a silver dress, barbed wire shoulder details and a spikey metal headpiece. She also wore a red purse with the words “Make America Great Again” across the front.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Villa said she loves what President Donald Trump is doing in office.

“Unemployment is down,” she said. “I am totally for President Trump, and it’s only been one year. I can’t wait for the next seven years!”

She added that her outfits, this year’s ensemble designed by Designers Allinger of Desi Designs, are a way to express herself.

Joy Villa attends the 61st Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. (Photo: Dan MacMedan, USA TODAY)

“It’s an opportunity to show the world who I am on the red carpet, which to me is the same as a stage. I approach it as a show. I want to ‘wow’ people,” she told THR. “My heroes on the red carpet have always been Cher, Madonna, the wild ones; the worst dressed. Or Lady Gaga with the meat dress. Who even talks about the best dressed? No one even remembers who was best-dressed last year!”

Villa wasn’t the only one wearing political garb at the event. Ricky Rebel also donned a pro-Trump outfit.

The singer’s white and blue suit showed off the words “Keep America Great” and “Trump 2020.”

Ricky Rebel arrives for the 61st annual Grammy Awards ceremony on Feb. 10, 2019 in Los Angeles. (Photo: NINA PROMMER, EPA-EFE)

Rebel explained his outfit to ET, saying, “I wanted to wear something that represented what an alpha is.”

“I’m reflecting millions of Americans out there who voted for Trump. Keep America great. That’s right, baby. We are here,” Rebel explained. “We’re here all around the world, 50 million of us. My name is Ricky Rebel and I’m a reflection of America.”

Villa, for one, has donned shocking looks for previous Grammy Awards.

Last year, she wore a pro-life purse and a fetus-in-utero hand-painted onto her ballgown’s skirt. In 2016, she donned a “Make America Great Again” dress, inspired by Trump’s campaign slogan.

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