Jason Momoa Slams Fishermen After They Cut Shark’s Tail off and Throw it Back in Viral Video


Jason Momoa called out the two Icelandic fisherman who filmed themselves ruthlessly cutting off a shark’s tail before tossing the creature back into the water – and the Aquaman actor did not hold back.

The two fisherman, who were shown in the video laughing as they mutilated the shark, have since lost their employment on the fishing boat, according to the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RUV).

Losing their jobs is perhaps the least of their worries, as the two fisherman have now incurred the wrath of Momoa, a well-known environmentalist who admitted to wanting to physically hurt the two men upon seeing the now-viral video on Monday.

“And there you are……it sucks to see that you are probably good men friends providers fathers but you f-ing did this. Your life will forever change I have never in my life seen something so cruel,” Momoa wrote in an Instagram caption directed at the two fishermen. “Your laugh makes me furious never have I wanted to hurt a human as much as I did when I heard your laugh and what u said. This will change you and hopefully you will save and protect I pray you find redemption.”

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The upsetting video surfaced after being re-posted by a Facebook account that claimed to have taken the clip from one of the two fisherman’s accounts before the fishermen deleted the video from their social media.

The graphic footage shows one of the men holding the shark on the side of the boat after cutting off the animal’s tail. The man then releases the wounded shark into the water. The shark leaves a trail of blood behind it as it floats away in the water. The footage also shows the two men laughing throughout the video.

“Good luck trying to swim, you punk,” one of the men says, according to a translation provided by RUV.

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The Greenland shark shown in the video is a species of shark that is considered “Near Threatened” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Momoa, 39, also posted pictures of the two men’s Facebook profiles. The disturbing and NSFW footage can be viewed here.