Jack Black and Jack White meet, at last


Fulfilling the prophecy laid down lo these many years ago-presumably nine seconds after the very first Twitter account was formed-musicians Jack Black and Jack White have finally provided the world with photographic proof that they have, in fact, met. Sharing the haunted looks of men who’ve had to field a lifetime’s worth of “Wouldn’t it be funny if you and Jack ____ hung out?” jokes in the span of a few short years, the pair (and Kyle Gass, spared the hell of their collective shared-namery) met up while Tenacious D and The Raconteurs were both on their respective European tours recently, with the encounter immortalized forever in the annals of Instagram.

As Consequence Of Sound notes, this isn’t the first time these two men with sort of similar names have moved in each other’s orbit, up to the point of Black introducing a White Stripes show back in the mid-2000s. But there was no photographic proof of such a momentous meeting, or at least none that could be found easily without Google spitting out a million black and white photos of various people named Jack. (Also: Black hanging out with Enlightened creator/ Survivor contestant Mike White, which simply doesn’t count.) For what it’s worth, Black’s post doesn’t highlight the whole “similar names” thing, possibly because it’s been brought up to him-we’re guessing-roughly 9 million times in the past.