Items Every Woman Needs in Her Nightstand


While the bed should always be the focal point of any well-designed bedroom, there are certain furniture pieces that no bedroom would be complete without. And a bedside table or a nightstand is one of these things.

A bedside table is a lot more than just furniture. Nightstands have always been traditionally used for placing night lamps and alarm clocks. With a nightstand, you can reach for anything that you need quickly without being forced to get out of bed. Although some question the usefulness of nightstands, they are some of the most functional and practical pieces of furniture that you can incorporate in your bedtime décor.

Aside from storing everything that you would need in close proximity, nightstands are important because they help to improve the overall aesthetics of your space. Adding an attractive quality nightstand table can help to create balance in the décor. A well-appointed nightstand can also complement your bedroom decor while helping you to organize any clutter around the room.

A well-stocked bedside table can be just as good as having a personal butler by your side every time you sleep and wake up. A lot of women like to showcase their bedside tables filled with all sorts of knick-knacks and fresh flowers, and we are all for it. However, others are more practical, only using their nightstands to keep all the handy things needed to make one’s nighttime and morning routine a breeze.

For your nightstand to work effectively for you, it needs to be well organized with all your favorite essentials. Whether your nightstand has lots of storage or is a simple drawer, here is a list of items that every woman will need at the ready by her bandstand:

Your favorite vibrator

Some women often associate great sex with good partners but to be honest, sometimes all you need is a high-quality battery-powered device to take your sexual exploits to the next level. Whether you are in a relationship or are single, have been a long time lover of sex toys or are a total novice, there is a sex toy out there to suit everyone.

The good thing about having a sex toy or two stashed carefully in your nightstand is that they are always ready for action as long as you remember to charge them, of course. And best of all, you can always be guaranteed a good time, whether you are playing solo or with a partner.


Your body is capable of producing the lubrication that you need. However, a little extra can go a long way. Unfortunately, lube is a very misunderstood sexual accessory that is often associated with pervy teen boys or older women who can’t seem to get enough natural lubrication, which happens to the best of us as we continue to age.

Lube, though, can be a great addition for all, whether old or young. Using lube can make sex a lot safer, as it can help to prevent tearing and injury, especially during penetrative sex. Lube is also a lot of fun to use as there are so many textures and flavors to experiment with.

A good read

If you haven’t created your very own reading nook in your bedroom yet, then ensure that you keep a good book or two stowed in or on your nightstand. Reading a book instead of fixating on memes on your phone, is the best way to wind down as you get your mind and body ready for sleep.

It can be anything; a book about pandemics (hello, Coronavirus) or a self-help book that will give you a new point of view on things. Erotica anthologies are always great because we could always use a little inspiration when it comes to all things sex-related.

A scented candle

Keep a scented candle by your bedside table to help you set the mood because we all know the flickering of candles never fails when you are trying to be romantic. Go for a simple scented candle that does not have an overbearing aroma such as vanilla or jasmine, especially if you suffer from allergies.

If you are in the market to spice up your sex life, you should also consider looking into wax play. Your mama probably warned you against playing with candles and fire, but wax play is a popular category of BDSM. But don’t just use any old candle-there are candles that are made specifically for wax play.

A notebook/journal

Whenever you cannot stop stressing about everything that you have to take care of the next day, take out your journal or notebook and jot down whatever is going through your mind. Getting quality sleep is essential and the simple act of noting everything down can help to relieve some anxiety.

Plus, if you are a creative and are constantly coming up with new ideas, having a notebook close by is important for those moments when a creative idea suddenly strikes. With a notebook or journal, you can rest easy knowing that you saved that great idea somewhere for further exploration.

Final Thoughts

We spend a huge portion of our lives in the bedroom. As such, creating a peaceful and serene environment should be a priority. So you’ve got a great bed with comfy bedding-check. What about plenty of organized storage for all your shoes and clothes-check. So what’s missing?

A vital piece in the bedroom that is often overlooked, but is extremely necessary is the nightstand. Nightstands are convenient for everything from holding that magazine that you can’t seem to put down to jugs of water for when we wake up feeling thirsty.

While some nightstands are just small versions of tables, others are designed with ample storage where you can keep all your essentials within reach. We’re talking about your reading glasses, books, remote control, alarm clock and anything else that you may need at bedtime.