In Review: The Huckberry x Timex Diver Watch


Remember when the extent of Timex’s “style” was the digital Ironman?

Right. Those were some dark times.

I want to say the super basic weekender slip-thru was patient zero for the spread of the style bug at Timex. After that came, I think, the Waterbury line. Then the Red Wing collaboration. Then the Archive line, the Todd Snyder designs, the Marlin, the Q reissue, and now… this.

An exclusive collaboration between Timex and Huckberry. It’s solid, it’s got 100m water resistance, it comes with both a leather AND a nylon NATO strap, and the design cues make the thing, wait for it, just different enough.

Diameter clocks in at a subdued 38mm wide with 18mm lugs. It’s not big, and that should appeal to plenty since more classically sized watches are in right now. Nice, subtle Huckberry branding by way of their Tree logo at 12 o’clock and on the crown. The red circle on the seconds hand is also a nice touch. Radial-dial brushing on the face keeps it from looking flat and lifeless. The bezel is one of those rotating but “no click” suckers. Good tension here. The bezel isn’t gonna get bumped outta place too easily, but again, it doesn’t click. It turns, but it doesn’t click.

While the bezel might not “click,” the movement does, in fact, “tick.” Some Timex movements are audible, and that can drive some guys nuts. I personally don’t find it loud. But if you sleep with your watch on your nightstand, and you’re often tortured by anything that goes bump in the night, then… maybe put it in a drawer.

Production was limited to 700 units, and word is, they’ve blown through the vast majority of them. Ships and returns for free.

Keep it up Timex.

Keep on keepin’ on, Huckberry.