I’m French and Fall Is My Favorite Season for Fashion-Here Are My Picks


We’re constantly inspired by Aïda Sané and her French-girl style account @basicstouch. In fact, she recently shared with us some of the specific basics she wears on repeat to create her signature pared-down vibe. Well, given that she has a breadth of sartorial knowledge, we thought we’d tap her to share some of the fall items she’s looking forward to wearing.

On that note, we thought this would be particularly entertaining given that fall just so happens to be Sané’s favorite season. On a recent IG post this summer, she stated, “The weather looks like fall at the moment, but I’m not complaining since I’m already waiting for coat season.”

Curious about the simple autumn pieces she’ll be adding into her rotation for the coming season? Keep scrolling to see her specific picks along with a bit of visual and product inspiration if you want to get a jump-start on your fall shopping.