‘I woke up in a free country’: Costco shopper gets bounced from store after refusing to wear a mask


Americans everywhere are exercising their God-given rights … to be complete jerks.

Whether it be taking guns into gallery of the Michigan state capitol, tossing park rangers in the lake or throwing a fit because Red Lobster took too long to bake those biscuits, countless “freedom fighters” are out there flouting the rules and vying for the title of “King of the Covidiots.”

And a new contender just emerged.

In a viral video making the rounds Tuesday, one Costco shopper who refused to wear a mask thought it was a good idea to film the reaction of the store manager.

Here’s the clip that was posted on Reddit – and later, it’s worth noting – deleted:

The store manager, named Tison, according to his Costco badge, has become a bit of an internet hero.

Apparently, the shopper was going for a much different reaction when he initially posted the clip. He later explained his position in message posted by TMZ.

“I got every f-ing right to not wear a mask,” he said. “This isn’t about wearing a mask, it’s about control. I’m not the f-ing sheep … I was one of the only people in that store not wearing a mask.”

This particular shopper isn’t alone.

The #boycottcostco hashtag actually became a thing after the retail giant announced its masks-mandatory policy for shoppers earlier this month. The reaction from the culture warriors fighting to punish a private company for trampling on their rights (?) led to this fake response from Costco:

If only that were real. Costco confirmed to MarketWatch that, indeed, it is not.

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