I Went To Dubai For The First Time And This Is Everything I Did


When you look at Instagram, it feels like everyone and their gran has been to Dubai. I recently went on my first trip to the city, and it was an experience to say the least.

When travelling to any country, you should check out the local customs and laws that might affect your trip. Dubai has strict rules around drinking and dress which we recommend you read up on here.

Explore the waterways of Dubai on a Yellow Boat tour.

Ada Enechi / BuzzFeed

I’m not usually one to do super touristy things, but the Yellow Boat is a great way to do a quick tour of the city and get your bearings. The boat whips you around the coast of Dubai with a guide who tells you all about the architectural marvels of the city. While the journey starts off peacefully enough, they like to ramp things up a bit with a Fast and Furious pace – if you’re anything like me, you’ll be screaming like a baby while the boat jumps all over the waves.

I would advise doing a neck warm-up beforehand, because honestly, the buildings are so tall in Dubai that I ended up with a strain!

Their Original Tour package is 299 AED per person.

Go up the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa.

Ada Enechi / BuzzFeed

Did you really go to Dubai if you didn’t go up the Burj Khalifa? It is literally the tallest building in the world and let me tell you that building is TALL. The view from the top is pretty damn impressive – you really get to see the whole city, old and new. I found it super interesting to see that a lot of Dubai is still empty land, and that there is so much more room for development and change.

Disclaimer: the lift up to the top is pretty precarious if you’ve been drinking the night before.

Ticket prices range from 149-618 AED depending on which floor you visit. You can find out more information here.

Chill out in a luscious garden in a desert.

Ada Enechi / BuzzFeed

Dubai Miracle Garden is what would happen if Disney and Chelsea Flower Show had a baby. It has FIFTY MILLION flowers! It’s probably the best smelling place I’ve ever been to. They’ve also got some pretty impressive flower sculptures, including a full-sized Emirates plane and a 12-metre high teddy bear.

Tickets for adults cost 55 AED each.

And finally, spend your last night partying the night away at Soho Garden.

And that’s a awesome weekend in Dubai!