I Spend 80% of My Day Evaluating Beauty Products-Here’s What I’m Itching to Try


Have you ever heard one of those startling statistics like, for instance, how many collective hours in a lifetime you’ll spend sitting on the toilet or waiting in traffic? Well, the number of hours I spend in front of my computer shopping for, typing about, and researching beauty products would probably be even more alarming. (I could probably do the math, but I have a hunch I don’t want to know.)

Luckily for me, all of the above beauty-related activities are supremely more enjoyable than sitting on the toilet or waiting in traffic. There are lots of reasons I wanted to become a beauty editor, one being I’m thoroughly obsessed with beauty products. Even though I have easier access to products now than I did back in high school and college when I’d stockpile lists of things I wanted to try, I still to this day keep tallies, bookmarks, and screenshots of beauty items (new and not new) that I have my eye on. Thankfully, given that the beauty industry is worth roughly $532 billion (according to ), there is never any shortage of formulaic fodder for me to drool over, lust after, and recommend.

My various wish lists have been accumulating, so before my computer implodes, I’ve put them to good use by creating the ultimate summer beauty shopping guide, sorted by retailer. (Because, yes, I have at least 10 different retailer tabs open on my desktop at all times.) Looking for some beauty shopping inspo? Keep scrolling! Below, I’m sharing 28 hair, skin, and makeup products I have my eye on from Sephora, Nordstrom, Net-a-Porter, Violet Grey, and Verishop.