I Save Outfit Ideas on Instagram All Day Long-These 9 Are My Favorites


I spend way more time each day scrolling through Instagram than I’d like to admit. Naturally, there’s a little bit of meme content, news, and some ridiculous Instagram Stories from my close friends in the mix, but the majority of what I choose to look at is fashion-related. It’s called research, okay?

What I’m currently excited about is that the outfits I’m seeing from my favorite editors, influencers, and the like are finally free of coats, beanies, and other indications of cold weather. That means that spring is officially here, at least according to Instagram, and that the shopping shall commence if it hasn’t already. Right now, I have these nine on-trend looks comprised of items from Macy’s saved for reference. The retailer never fails me with affordable, stylish, and trendy pieces so I wasn’t surprised to see how many people were already shopping and sharing so many great Macy’s finds. See them all below.