How to Write Professionally: Life Hacks for Students



It is not pure talent that helps students create great papers. Good grades and timely turned-in homework are the result of diligence, determination, persistence, discipline, time-management skills, and knowing some life hacks. These are tricks every A-student knows which will help you to complete better essays and save time for your hobbies, leisure, family, and life.

1. Avoid distractions

The hardest part of any activity is the beginning. Start from putting away your mobile and blocking your Facebook account. But unfortunately, these precautions don’t always help. To eliminate any kind of distraction, there is a 100% effective method not everyone knows. Ask yourself: “Why am I doing this homework?” Let your imagination work. Sooner or later, you will conclude that all your future life depends on your ability to put yourself together and turn in this paper. This is quite a motive to stop being distracted by issues non-relevant to studies.

2. Draft your paper

Maybe there are genius students who know exactly what they want to say in every part of their essay and have the vision of a completed paper before they start working on one. But most of us need a writing plan. Fortunately, most academic assignments have an easy-to-follow structure you can use as a mini-draft. What will be the main thesis you have to cover in the introductory section? What are the arguments you are going to use in the main part? Do you have enough evidence to prove your point? What kind of conclusion do you expect? Answer these questions in several words for a first draft and provide with more comprehensive answers to have your topic fully covered.

3. Use Wikipedia as a source of sources

Nowadays, if a person doesn’t know where to start from, he or she goes to Wikipedia. However, written by common people, it is considered an unreliable source for your paper. But this is a great resource for primary sources. Check out the reference section of a Wikipedia page to find original and unique books you can apply in your research.

4. Start from any part of your assignment

If, like many students, you find the introduction the most difficult part of a paper starting from the main section. The thing is, the body in academic assignments has a very precise structure of argument-evidence-counterargument-evidence, which is easy to follow. Plus, it will be simpler to present the thesis for the introduction when you already know what the reader will see in the main part.

5. Writing style

Even the best idea performed in poor form won’t guarantee you an “A.” To get a good grade, you have to pay attention both to the message of your paper and to the writing style you use. Your teacher is a human who likes reading comprehensible and clear pieces of text. Even though your assignment is academic writing, avoid overly long sentences and unclear cause-and-effect links between your paragraphs. To make sure your piece of writing is grammatically correct, use spell-checkers and pay attention to recommendations the AI of MS Word or Google Docs offers you.

6. Be balanced in word length

When some students can hardly hit 1,000 words for a 3,000-word assignment, others can’t stop on a single topic and get too deep, transforming their 2-page essay into a 10+ page research paper. Both extremes are bad for your grade and unsafe for your time-management skills. Stay focused on the main subject of your paper and let your curiosity stroll through other aspects of your topic when the paper is already turned in.

7. Ask someone to read it aloud

It can be your friend or Google Translate. You can even read your paper aloud yourself using a dictaphone. When you hear your piece of text, you can easily spot awkward word choices and the illogical sequences of sentences. Use a thesaurus to find synonyms for words you use too often and eliminate tautologies.

8. Ask for professional help

Sometimes there is no chance for you to complete an important assignment on time. And in such situations, you might find yourself googling “pay someone to write my essay”. Fortunately, there are ways you can hire a ghostwriter and stay true to academic integrity principles.

Choose a reliable writing service that provides authenticity, confidentiality, and money-back guarantees and knows what are students’ pains and what you need. When you receive your custom paper completed for you by professional academic writers, use it as an example for your own assignments. Reliable writing services provide their clients with additional options that help students not only get a better grade but also obtain a better understanding of topics. Apply for their assistance in times of need.

9. Put your writing aside for a day

Before the final editing and proofreading, give your brain a break. Grammatical mistakes and formatting faults will become more obvious and easier to spot with a clear eye.