How to Treat Your Fiancé


You definitely don’t want to disappoint your fiancé. The stuff you do to your loved one means a lot. Women are naturally designed to get excited over very small things. You don’t have to make it complicated to keep her happy. Almost everything about it revolves around attention.

You should be aware that ladies are very good at taking note of the things that you do to them. From surprising them with good stuff to taking them out on dates. All of these matters. Even men who’d consider themselves busy may be dealing with free voyeur webs like lifeundercam projects should find time for her. If you really want to keep your lover happy, then try the following;

The to-do List

1. Know the things that mean happiness to her

Take time to know what your lady really likes. You can’t just guess or think about what someone could probably like, so you have to take time and learn what she likes. Your lady is an individual who has an interest, wishes, and fear. The only you can manage to make her happy is by learning about things she likes. Speak to her about various things such as her hopes and her preferences. For example, if she likes watching, ask her what kind of movies she likes.

2. Learn to ask her what she needs

Most girls find it hard to ask for anything directly from their fiancé. She will just keep quiet and try to handle her own issues without even asking you about it. This makes it your initiative to ask her what she needs. Try and do this more often. These not only make her feel loved but also makes her uncover that you give her the attention that she requires about her issues and needs

3. Be truthful to her

Despite the fact that some truth could mess things up, always try to give your true version about things. Most times, ladies just want you to give the truth regardless of how bad the situation is. If you are broke, just say it to her without having to lie. One lie comes with another so if you lie once, be pretty sure you will lie time and again which may eventually ruin your affair.

4. Listen and concentrate when you are having conversations

Never ever get absent minded whenever you are having a conversation with your woman. Offer her full concentration. The worst thing you could do is doing anything that seems to lower the attention that you give your girl. If for example you are on a phone and a conversation pops up, just put it down and flow with the conversation.

As I said, everything about how to treat ladies revolves around attention. In everything that you do to your lover, make sure it shows that you give attention to her. She is yours and so you gotta treat her and show her that. Be a gentleman, it is not hard to impress and keep your girl happy always